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These are just a few of the real testimonials from Fitness with Marni clients.  My clients may not always like me, but in the end they come to love me.  Let's get you into shape!

"Marni is a great asset to my weekly routine! I love that she's right alongside you doing the exercises and not just directing. Don't let her sweet demeanor fool you - she'll kick your butt! You'll be sweating and laughing throughout the entire workout...your abs and body will thank you! My advice, go now before she's all booked up!"  -  Ashley Cohen, NYC

"To all of those who need a start, a push, or to just keep working out and enjoy a challenge Marni is definitely the one to go to! Not only will she give you that extra push, she'll also give you tips for clean eating. My family and I all use Marni as a trainer and she's truly an inspiration. She's always working out herself, which is motivating. She has helped our family and taught us all different workouts that can be done anywhere and anytime. We are in so much better shape now with all of Marni's tips for success!" - Casey Gentili & family, Dix Hills NY

​"Working out with Marni has changed my life! I have always struggled to maintain my weight and keep a consistent workout regimen. For the past two years, I have been working out with Marni twice a week. Now, at the age of 41, I feel so much better about myself and have been able to stay at a weight that I am comfortable with. Marni is extremely fit and knowledgeable about fitness and nutrition. Her workouts are always interesting and never the same and she is a pleasure to work out with despite the fact that her workouts can be extremely challenging. She has motivated me to reach my exercise goals, eat healthier and live a better lifestyle. Thank you Marni!!!!!" - Gina Marshall, Dix Hills NY

"Oh how I used to dread when Marni pulled into my driveway...just seconds after my children got on the school bus, my (too early in the morning) workout session would begin.  She is always so punctual and never cancels out a session, and I would never dare cancel on her...that's a vow I made to myself.  She is an appt. I have to keep....I have been faced with new exercises every session, moaning and groaning all the way through.   2x/week is all we meet, and when I started to see results, I actually began looking forward to Marni coming.  I never thought I'd ever come to love that once so dreaded Bosu and TRX! 4 years later, Marni is more than my personal trainer, she has become a good friend....sharing nutrition facts, health tips, a new good find and even parenting woes.  Now I'm at the point where I beg for a challenge and even pain...don't get me wrong, I still moan and groan throughout the entire session, but that just means she is doing her job!" - Jenn Marzano, Dix Hills NY

"I started working out with Marni after I had my second child and realized that the weight was not coming off as quickly as I had hoped. Within just a few sessions of working out with Marni I noticed a difference in my body and had motivation to want to workout even more. Thank you Marni!" - Rachael Abramowicz, Dix Hills NY

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